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Calls for Sitka Blacktail Deer

January 16th, 2017 | Posted by Alaska Woods

While Alaska Specialty Woods is well known for supplying the finest Sitka Spruce instrument tonewood for guitar tops, did you know the company also offers Drop Shot Calls for hunters? In Alaska, when hunters want to find and attract Sitka blacktail deer, they often order doe Bleat sound calls from Alaska Specialty Woods. Made from Read More…

How to Protect and Preserve Your Guitar

January 12th, 2017 | Posted by bcole-admin

Alaska Specialty Woods is known for supplying the finest instrument tonewood material for guitar tops. Guitars, in general, need to be treated like pets and babies– with tender, lovin’ care. Here are some tips for protecting your guitar from problems. Guitars acclimate to their environment. Therefore, if you go from a really cold place to Read More…

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A Short History of the Guitar

January 11th, 2017 | Posted by Alaska Woods

Sitka Spruce from Alaska Specialty Woods is used to make many guitars sound great. Though guitars today seem ubiquitous, and are the most popular instrument for popular music, did you ever wonder about their history? The development of the guitar goes back thousands of years. Early versions of the guitar were most likely developed in Read More…

What is an Archtop Guitar?

January 6th, 2017 | Posted by Alaska Woods

There are many different types of guitars, one of which is called an archtop. With an arched top and back rather than a flat one, the archtop guitar is typically a hollow steel-stringed acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar with six strings, as well as an adjustable/moveable bridge. Archtop guitars were invented in the 1890s by Orville Read More…

Be Careful When Cutting Frozen Sitka Spruce

January 3rd, 2017 | Posted by Alaska Woods
Sitka Spruce

Alaska Specialty Woods is known for sourcing the finest Sitka Spruce tonewoods for soundboards available through sustainable forestry and responsible wood use. What happens when Sitka Spruce trees freeze, though? Temperatures in Alaska have been quite cold these past few weeks, and an area tree surgeon named Dennis Symmons had an interesting tale to tell Read More…

The Universal Benefits of Using Salvaged Soundboards

December 26th, 2016 | Posted by Alaska Woods
Salvaged Sitka Spruce

People in Alaska like to listen to KTOO, a not-for-profit Juneau-based public radio station that shares interesting stories about life in Alaska. Recently, KTOO posted an article on its website about Sitka spruce, the wood that has helped make guitars and violins sound so good the world over. Sitka spruce is used as a “tonewood,” Read More…

Alaska Splty Woods Office and Cole Home Fire

May 3rd, 2016 | Posted by bcole-admin

Hello Everyone, Many have been wondering whats going on with this Cole Family and Alaska Specialty Woods Inc.I’m very happy to report that this Cole is still alive. It was a close call. Here’s the story… Monday afternoon 4/18 I went to “The Wood Producers task force meeting” to participate with how the Tongass is Read More…

How to Weatherproof Your Guitar

April 27th, 2016 | Posted by Alaska Woods

If you own a guitar, you know that it’s treated with the utmost care– usually– because you want it to last a long time and continue to be in good shape, right? If you’re the kind of musician who likes to play outdoors, whether it’s at the beach on a summer’s night or around an Read More…

Sitka Spruce and Turkey Calls

April 6th, 2016 | Posted by Alaska Woods
Turkey Calls

Did you know you can use Sitka spruce wood to make turkey calls? Turkey hunters use turkey calls to attract turkeys to them so they can hunt, shoot and kill them. By imitating the sounds of turkeys, which include gobbles, clucks, purrs and yelps, hunters can be very successful. In general, turkey calls are done Read More…

How Often Should You Change Your Acoustic Guitar Strings?

March 10th, 2016 | Posted by Alaska Woods

Acoustic guitar strings should be changed as needed. Depending on how much you use them, the strings can last a long time or a short time. For instance, if you’re the type of guitar player who plays your instrument several hours a day, chances are your strings will wear out faster than, say, a person Read More…