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Sourcing the finest Sitka Spruce tonewood for soundboards available through sustainable forestry and responsible wood use.
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Tonewood guitar
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Grey Burchette
using our
Sitka Spruce
tone wood!

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Welcome to Alaska Specialty Woods

Our Specialty is Sitka Spruce
We know Sitka Spruce
We know Grade
We know Tonewood

There’s no better feeling than knowing when you purchase guitar tonewood or other luthier supplies that you’re helping to save the environment. At Alaska Specialty Woods we pride ourselves in using methods that do not harm the forest we get our Sitka Spruce comes from.

Some of our methods include exploring hundreds of square miles of the forest to locate dead and already fallen trees to harvest for our tonewood; from there we go through all of the specifications required to purchase these trees from the USDA Forest Service.

Alaska Specialty Woods offers guitar tonewood that is both figured and non-figured, as well as a variety of other luthier supplies to complete your instruments. As tonewood manufacturers in Alaska, there’s no comparison to the customer service that we provide at Alaska Specialty Woods; we care about you and instrument just as much as we care about preserving the environment around us. Call Alaska Specialty Woods today for guitar tonewood and other luthier supplies made from the finest Sitka Spruce available in Alaska.


Rates vary according to product size/weight and destination.

To determine shipping costs...
1. Build an order of whatever you wish that is listed in the store.
2. Click checkout and you will be asked for your address.
3. The next window will display the options available as well as the costs.

If you're satisfied with the total shown, enter your Credit Card information.

Or if you wish to pay with check, money order or wire transfer.
Copy and paste the order with the shipping type selected to an email sent to yourself and
or print out the page and mail it with your check To:
Alaska Specialty Woods Inc., PO Box 312, Craig, Alaska 99921

Shipping method used...
For orders of less than 300 lb., the most affordable from Alaska is USPS.
Delivery times vary to destination and class purchased.
Express. 2 days
Priority- 3-6 days
Parcel post surface - 2-3 weeks

Priority - 1-2 weeks

Other International Destinations.
There is no telling. The packages will most likely arrive in your country within a week to 10 days, but then it is up to the customs office/er as to when it will be released for delivery.
I have known packages to UK, CZ, GR, AU delivered in as little as 2 weeks, but as long as 4-5.

This is how packages are handled...
When I ship your order, an email post is auto generated and sent to the email address you provide.
So if you get that post, your order has been packaged and shipped.
Craig, Alaska is on an island. All mail comes and goes via float plane.
If weather is bad, planes don't fly and mail doesn't move.
We have experienced times when planes are grounded for a week due to fog and or snow [not very often though].
Once the shipment has left here , it is sorted in Ketchikan, Alaska. Surface mail will go via barge to Seattle and trucked to wherever from there.
Priority and Express mail is loaded onto Alaska Airlines jets, either north to Anchorage or south to Seattle and goes via air to wherever.